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  • How much does a ticket cost?
    Your tickets are paid for by Molderm Aesthetics AB. You have the option of registering two people from your clinic. The requirement is that you must be a clinic owner of a clinic that performs aesthetic injections or are a licensed practitioner and perform aesthetic injections.If you wish to come more from the clinic, it is possible to buy tickets at a reduced price, 1200 SEK / 110 EUR per person. (Ordinary price/value per person is 2400 SEK / 220 EUR.)* All prices are excluding VAT.
  • How many tickets can I get for free?
    You have the option of booking two places for the event free of charge. This is paid for by Molderm Aesthetics AB. If you want more tickets for your clinic / colleagues, you can buy tickets at a reduced price, SEK 1,200 per ticket. Regular price per envelope/ticket is SEK 2,400.*All prices are stated excluding VAT.
  • Do you have any cooperation with hotels for accommodation?
    We are currently in negotiations with several different hotels in Malmö. As a guest, you take care of your accommodation yourself. When the negotiations are finished, we will publish here on the website names of hotels and discount codes that you can use if you wish to stay at one of the hotels we cooperate with. Keep an eye out under the "accommodation" tab here on the website.
  • It is an international event, what language is the event held in?
    The entire event is held in English.
  • Is there a dress code?
    We have no requirement on how you as a guest must dress. However, the Grand Aesthetic Party is an exclusive event with a large portion of glitter and glamour. We therefore recommend that the hospital gown or tunic stay on at work this evening.
  • When does the event start?
    5:00 PM guest registration starts, be on time to avoid long queues and to ensure that everyone gets to be served Champagne, walk the red carpet and meet all the wonderful exhibitors during the evening.
  • How long does the event last?
    At 1:55 AM it is time for the last dance, at 2:00 AM the premises are vacated.
  • I have booked two tickets but would like to buy extra tickets so that more people from the workplace can come, how do I do it?
    If you haven't already signed up, add the "extra tickets" upon registration. You register by clicking on the button "REGISTRATION 2024" and fill in the form.Have you already registered and had two tickets confirmed for your clinic but would like more? Then email enter the name of the clinic, your name and contact details (email and phone) then we will contact you and try to arrange extra tickets for you. Price for extra tickets is 1200 SEK / 110 EUR ex VAT
  • I have registered myself/us but have not received any feedback?
    During the first weeks after launch, we receive hundreds of emails with notifications and other questions. It can therefore take up to 7 days before you receive a response to your application. If more than 7 days have passed, please contact us to ensure your booking. No registration is guaranteed until you have received a confirmation from us.
  • How do I pay for my extra tickets?
    We will contact you to collect information for payment. You will then be invoiced for the extra tickets you want.
  • I would like a special diet, can this be arranged?
    Of course! When you register here on the website, you indicate any dietary requirements.We will also ensure this information via phone call before the event.
  • Can I receive a share of your offers even though I am not present during the event?
    Unfortunately all offers are exclusively made for those who participate during this evening.
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